Governance, Management and Outsourcing

Value Creation Through Business and ICT Alignment


Focus on removing your pain points and addressing your stakeholder needs first time around.


Select and tailor globally accepted frameworks to meet your environment and business needs.


Your stakeholders are consulted, communicated with and their agreement is sought on the value-creation process.


Create positive impact to your stakeholders and ultimately be appreciated by your customer at large.


Provide a flexible mechanism to handle different type of demands that are neither too slow nor too disconnected.


Use outcome-driven innovation (ODI) technique to translate your customers’ needs into products or services that they can’t live without.


Simplify the problem until we can describe it on a single page with few important measurable outcomes.


Deliver business outcomes by ensuring your stakeholders' needs, pain points, enterprise goals, ICT-related goals, process best practices and relevant KPIs can be mapped and linked appropriately.


Think big and act small - pick lower-hanging fruits to obtain stakeholder buy-in while gaining the momentum for bigger and more complex activities.

Canvas On-A-Page

Hoping to facilitate better communication with stakeholders, whenever possible, we present multiple interrelated ideas and components in one single-page canvas.