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GIS Platform

GIS Platform - a map-based connecting service consumers to their service suppliers

GeoCare Connect is a platform using the well-known Google Maps application to enable service providers to enter their services, and for customers to discover those services in real-time via the map.

The key objective is to deliver notifications of services in real time and to enable the person in need, the ability to access the information on their terms via active (push notifications) or passive (browsing) means.

GeoCare Connect will provide a platform for service providers to collaborate more effectively together to enable better management and coordination of resources between agencies. This will provide a benefit to those service providers through efficiency gains and most importantly to improve the experience of the customer.

GeoCare Connect consists of two user interfaces, a dashboard and mobile application. The dashboard will be accessible by the service providers with the same map interface that the mobile users will have, but will come with the addition of a reporting tool to manage the data associated with the services and to analyse the data that is collected as part of the service.

The map part of the dashboard application will provide the interface for the service providers to “click” on the map to enter the geographic location of a service and perform detailed spatial analysis in addition to traditional reporting.

Notification service also forms part of the overall application to enable active communication between the customers and the providers.

The mobile application will be accessed by the customers and will enable them to view services, filter on different services and perform querying of a spatial nature such as the distance to a service, and what is the fastest path to get there.