Governance, Management and Outsourcing

Value Creation Through Business and IT Alignment


This service is designed to collect, validate and evaluate business, ICT and process goals and metrics. The service monitors that processes are performing against agreed-on performance and conformance goals and metrics, and provides reporting that is systematic and timely.

Service offerings include:

  • Establish a monitoring approach
  • Set performance and conformance targets
  • Collect and process performance & conformance data
  • Analyse and report performance
  • Ensure the implementation of corrective actions
This service is designed to continuously monitor and evaluate the control environment, including self-assessments and independent assurance reviews. It enables management to identify control deficiencies and inefficiencies and to initiate improvement actions. It helps plan, organise and maintain standards for internal control assessment and assurance activities.

Service offerings include:

  • Monitor internal controls
  • Review business process controls effectiveness
  • Perform control and assessments
  • Identify and report control deficiencies
  • Ensure that assurance problems are independent and qualified
  • Plan assurance initiatives
  • Scope assurance initiatives
  • Execute assurance initiatives
This service evaluates that ICT processes and ICT-supported business processes are compliant with laws, regulations and contractual requirements. It obtains assurance that the requirements have been identified and complied with, and integrates ICT compliance with overall enterprise compliance.

Service offerings include:

  • Identify external compliance requirements
  • Optimise response to external requirements
  • Confirm external compliance
  • Obtain assurance of external compliance